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Sell your home and continue to enjoy it as a tenant, thus no loger bearing the costs of being a homeowner.

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What is Guaranteed Rental Sale?

It is a service through which the owner of a property sells the full ownership, but without losing the right to use it. When the sale and purchase is completed before a notary, a lease contract is signed simultaneously with the buyer for the term determined by the seller. The lease contract is also registered with the land registry, providing the new tenants with all the legal guarantees so that they can remain in the property for life (or the agreed period of time).

The seller and buyer become tenant and landlord, respectively at the time the transaction is completed.

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        What does a Guaranteed Rental Sale entail?

        Selling 100% of the property to the buyer and, therefore, receiving payment for the sale at the same time as the Public Deed is formalized before a notary. The sale and purchase of the property is a conventional sale, which is usually carried out with a discount with respect to the market price.

        The buyer of the home will become its landlord with immediate effect, and the seller will become a tenant of the property, for which he must pay monthly rent to pay the rent. 

        Calculation of the Amount to Receive and the Monthly Rental Payment

        The economic conditions of the operation are calculated taking into account numerous real estate, actuarial and financial factors, the most important of which are the market value of the property itself and the life expectancy of the beneficiary or beneficiaries, in accordance with the official tables of the Directorate General of Insurance and the National Institute of Statistics.

        The amounts are determined based on the market conditions at the time of the operation for a home with characteristics and location similar to the one being sold.

        If you want to know all the related information, you can visit our article in which we explain everything you need to know about selling with guaranteed rent.

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          Market value

          It is obtained after carrying out a market study or through an official appraisal.

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          Lifetime or Temporary Rental

          If it is for life, the calculations are made based on the life expectancy of the usufructuary's age, according to the National Institute of Statistics.

          Steps to Follow to Make a Sale with Guaranteed Rental

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          There is no prerequisite to be able to complete a sale with guaranteed rent, other than owning a property. Therefore, the value of the property or the age of the current owners does not matter. It is valid even if the property has an outstanding mortgage, as long as the amount received from the sale is enough to pay it off.

          Formalization process

          1. We meet with the interested party to learn about their preferences and specific needs.

          2. We internally analyze your case and present the proposal to you.

          3. We look for an investor interested in purchasing the house according to the previously agreed terms.

          4. The transaction is completed before a Public Notary and registered with the Land Registry.

            Furthermore, after formalization, the usufructuaries have the assistance and the support of Mas Vida team during the duration of the contract, since we act as a direct link in any issue or procedure that may arise with the buyer.

              Advantages of Sale with Guaranteed Rental

              Free formalization expenses

              Once the operation is formalized, the seller will only have to pay the Municipal Capital Gains Tax, since the rest of the expenses (notary, Property Registry, Property Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Acts) will be assumed by the buyer.

              Legal guarantees

              The Sale and Leaseback is an operation that has all the legal guarantees, as both the sale and lease contracts are completed before a Public Notary and registered with the Land Registry.

              Higher amount for the sale

              The amount received for this service is greater than that received with the sale of the bare property.

              Forget about property costs

              The tenant will no longer assume expenses for the maintenance of the property, such as the ordinary community fees, the Real Estate Tax, the extraordinary payments and the building insurance for the property.

              Liquidity injection

              With the Guaranteed Rent, the seller can enjoy a stress free retirement and will receive an injection of liquid cash which will allow freedom from financial burden and enable a more comfortable lifestyle.

              Excellent tax treatment

              If the transaction is carried out on a property declared as a habitual residence, the seller is exempt from paying taxes for the increase of wealth in the IRPF.

              We Offer You a Totally Free Study

              We carry out a study and valuation of your property completely free of charge. After closing the operation before a notary, you can use the amount received as you prefer.

              Enjoy financial freedom!

                Learn about Real Cases of Our Clients

                Learn about the experiences of those who have transformed their financial lives with Mas Vida. With many years of experience in the sector and hundreds of satisfied clients, you can totally trust us.

                  Virginia P. Hernanz
                  Virginia P. Hernanz
                  I sold my apartment with this real estate agency. I dealt with Carlos, an 11 as a professional and person. Before even confirming that I had decided to work with them. He does not overwhelm like other real estate agents, he did a market study of the area, professional and serene. Everything went so smoothly. And in less than a month I had it reserved and in 2 sold. Thank you Carlos for everything
                  Emilio Vasco
                  Emilio Vasco
                  It was a success to have chosen and counted on this real estate agency A special mention for Raquel for her attention and management, it has undoubtedly been a success
                  Ines Rubio Recio
                  Ines Rubio Recio
                  We have sold an apartment with them and I have to highlight, apart from the professionalism, the closeness, kindness and availability of both Julián and Raquel. It has been very pleasant to work with them, 100% recommended.
                  Maria Reyes Rubio Araujo
                  Maria Reyes Rubio Araujo
                  In July we used your services for the sale of a house and in November we are signing deeds. Excellent professionals. Our deal was with Evdard. Great professional
                  Laura Vazquez
                  Laura Vazquez
                  The treatment by Edvard has been excellent and very professional. In 3 months they have sold the house
                  Francisco Garcia Herreos
                  Francisco Garcia Herreos
                  I have never been in Madrid on vacation
                  Diego Rodriguez GALINDO
                  Diego Rodriguez GALINDO
                  Good afternoon, I live in Barcelona, ​​I have contacted Mas Vida, for a bare property and the treatment has been exquisite, friendly and has come to a good end. Both by Erick Pancho in Madrid and by Edvard Moller in Barcelona.
                  jose rodriguez
                  jose rodriguez
                  Incredible service, they differ a lot compared to others in the sector. 100% recommended
                  Javier Herreros
                  Javier Herreros
                  We made a reverse mortgage for my mother with them and we received an impeccable service: honest, transparent and efficient. They are highly recommended in a sector in which honesty and seriousness are essential.
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                  How many people can contract the product for the same house?

                  One or two people, as long as they are the owners of the house.

                  When do you receive the amount of the sale?

                  At the time of formalizing the product before the notary.

                  What percentage of the value of the house do you receive?

                  This amounts to approximately 80% of the market value of the house. However, this will depend on the date of birth of the youngest owner.

                  Is the rent to be paid constant during the duration of the contract?

                  Yes, although this is updated annually to the CPI.

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