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About us

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals from the financial and real estate sectors, and our services cover the entire national territory.

Julián Franco Mena

Founding Partner

Julián es el responsable del equipo comercial y de la relación con inversores, anteriormente ha trabajado para el sector financiero y es un apasionado del sector inmobiliario.

Socio Fundador de JJC Capital Partners Properties SL (Madrid)
Empresa especializada en la inversión en nudas propiedades, rentas vitalicias inmobiliarias y compras con alquiler garantizado.

Analista financiero y de operaciones en Banco Santander (Madrid)
Cálculo, validación y reporting del capital económico y RORAC del Grupo. Presupuestación del capital para las unidades de negocio.

Auditor en Banco Santander (Alemania)
Análisis de Riesgo de Crédito de clientes particulares (préstamos personales, consumo, automóviles e hipotecas) y empresas (préstamos corporativos y sindicados).


Erik M. Pancho Yanza

Founding Partner

Erik es el responsable de la estrategia de la empresa, experto en marketing e inversión inmobiliaria internacional. En la actualidad se encarga de gestionar la oficina central en Madrid.

Desarrollo de negocios en empresa consultora EMPY Consulting (Madrid)

Empresa especializada en ventas internacionales y gestión de capital a nivel europeo.

Socio- Inversor en Inmobiliaria Blume SL (Ecuador)

Proyecto de viviendas para 20 familias en la ciudad de Ibarra, Ecuador.

Start Up Manager en nomades (Alemania)

Gestión operativa y de ventas para una start-up de bienes y valores. Internacionalización de la empresa a EE. UU., Qatar y Suiza.


Our Mission

A problem

The Mas Vida project was born as a result of the critical outlook for public pensions in Spain and with the aim of providing an alternative for people of retirement age.

The acute shortage of public resources earmarked for these purposes is limiting the way many people are living this stage of their lives.

Moreover, the increasing ageing of the population is calling into question the sustainability of the current public pension system, generating enormous uncertainty among pensioners.

A solution

The solution offered by Mas Vida is for them to sell their homes in exchange for an additional pension, with the advantage that they will continue to live in them for life.

This means that they do not have to rely on the solvency of public bodies.

Our work


The process

A process in 4 simple steps:

1. We assess your case on an individual basis.

2. We present you with several payment proposals that may fit your needs and interests..

3. We find an investor interested in acquiring your house according to the conditions defined in the proposal you have chosen..

4. We take on the document management and carry out the necessary formalities to formalise the transaction before a notary and register it in the Land Registry.

In addition, after the agreement is signed, the sellers have the assistance and support of the Mas Vida team for the duration of the process. We act as a direct link for any questions or situations that may arise between the buyer and seller.

Our users come first

Since homes are the most valuable asset most pensioners have and where most of their savings are concentrated, at Mas Vida we make sure to verify that our products are really what you need. To this end, and before drawing up any payment proposal, we will meet with you in person to discuss:

  • To understand in depth your specific preferences and needs.
  • To explain each of our products in detail, including legal considerations, so that you can make an informed decision.

    Why Mas Vida?


    We make a preliminary analysis of your specific needs and preferences to determine if our products are what you really need.


    We make sure that you understand each of our products in detail, including their legal considerations, so that you can make an informed decision.

    Legal Guarantees

    We work with the best professionals in the sector and all transactions are formalised in a public deed before a notary, thus guaranteeing your security and peace of mind.

    Always by your side

    Once the transaction has been formalised, we continue to accompany you and act as a liaison for any questions or formalities that may arise with the investor.

    We like work well done

    To ensure the maximum quality and responsibility of our services, at Mas Vida we work with the best professionals in the sector:

    Independent valuation companies approved by the Bank of Spain and the CNMV.

    Portfolio of investors with extensive experience and a high level of specialisation in the Spanish real estate market.

    In addition, all transactions are formalised in a public deed before a notary, thus guaranteeing your security and peace of mind. If you wish, we can also help you find any additional services you may need through our partner companies.