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Sale and Leaseback

Sell your home and continue to enjoy it as a tenant, thus freeing yourself from the costs of being a landlord.

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1. Sell the full ownership of the property

2. Become a tenant

3. Continue to enjoy living in the house for life

What is sale and leaseback?

It is a service through which the owner of a property sells the full ownership, but without losing the right to use it. When the sale and purchase is completed before a notary, a lease contract is signed simultaneously with the buyer for the term determined by the seller. The lease contract is also registered with the land registry, providing the new tenants with all the legal guarantees so that they can remain in the property for life (or the agreed period of time).

The seller and buyer become tenant and landlord, respectively at the time the transaction is completed.

What does this type of sale imply?


Completing a sale with guaranteed rent implies:

Selling 100% of the property to the buyer and, therefore, receiving payment for the sale at the same time as the Public Deed is formalized before a notary. The sale and purchase of the property is a conventional sale, which is usually carried out with a discount with respect to the market price.

The buyer of the property will become with immediate effect its landlord, and the seller will become the tenant of the property, for which he will have to pay a monthly rent. This amount is determined based on the current market conditions at the time of the transaction for a property with similar characteristics and location.


There is no prerequisite for a guaranteed rental sale other than owning a property. Therefore, the value of the property or the age of the current owners does not matter. It is valid even if the property has an outstanding mortgage, as long as the amount received from the sale is enough to pay it off.

    Advantages of the Sale and Leaseback


    With the Guaranteed Rent, the seller can enjoy a stress free retirement and will receive an injection of liquid cash which will allow freedom from financial burden and enable a more comfortable lifestyle.


    Once the transaction has been completed, the seller will only have to pay the Municipal Capital Gains Tax. The other remaining expenses (notary’s office, Land Registry, Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty) will be assumed by the buyer.



    The Sale and Leaseback is an operation that has all the legal guarantees, as both the sale and lease contracts are completed before a Public Notary and registered with the Land Registry.


    The cash amount received for this service will be higher than that of a sale of the bare ownership only.



    The tenant will no longer assume expenses for the maintenance of the property, such as the ordinary community fees, the Real Estate Tax, the extraordinary payments and the building insurance for the property.



    If the transaction is carried out on a property declared as a habitual residence, the seller is exempt from paying taxes for the increase of wealth in the IRPF.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ¿Cuántas personas pueden contratar el producto para la misma casa?

    Una o dos personas, siempre que éstas sean las propietarias de la casa.

    ¿Cuándo recibes el importe de la venta?

    En el momento de formalizar el producto ante el notario.

    ¿Qué porcentaje del valor de la casa recibes?

    Este asciende aproximadamente al 80% del valor del mercado de la casa. No obstante, este dependerá de la fecha de nacimiento del propietario más joven.

    ¿El alquiler a pagar es constante durante la duración del contrato?

    Sí, aunque este se actualiza anualmente al IPC.

    Todo sobre la Venta con Alquiler Garantizado

    Hoy en día existen varias posibilidades para vender tu propiedad...

    What conditions will I receive for my home?

    If you are interested in sale and leaseback, we need you to send us the following information to our email address info@aunmasvida.es:

    • Personal information of the interested party (copy of NIF, NIE or Passport).
    • Documentation of the house (exact address of the property and the last receipt of the Real Estate Tax).
    • Contact telephone number.
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