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Sale of the Bare Ownership

Receive a one-off payment in exchange for the sale of the bare ownership of your home and continue to use it for life.

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1. Sell the bare ownership of the property

2. Receive an immediate lump-sum payment

3. Continue to enjoy living in the home for life

What is the sale of the bare ownership?

With the sale of the bare ownership the homeowner, aged over 65 transfers the ownership of the house in exchange for a one-time payment upon completion of the transaction and maintains the right to continue living in it and enjoying it for life.

This allows the seller to continue living the same life as before and also to receive an instant and one-time payment, which can be used to pay off a debt, to enjoy with the family, take trips, etc.

What options are there?

At Mas Vida we offer the following options for the sale of the bare ownership.

Sale of the bare ownership with a life-long usufruct

With this option, the retired person receives a one time payment whilst continuing to use and enjoy the home for life.

Sale of the bare ownership with a temporary usufruct

With this option, the seller retains the use of the home for a determined and previously agreed period of time.

The economic conditions of the operation are calculated taking into account numerous factors, the most important of which are the market value of the property itself and the life expectancy of the homeowner(s), in accordance with the official tables of the Directorate General of Insurance and the National Institute of Statistics. If you want to know all the related information, you can visit our article in which we explain everything you need to know about the bare ownership.

Advantages of the sale of the bare ownership of the property

Both options above include a large number of advantages and guarantees.


The seller will not have to pay any kind of expenses related to the Notary’s Office and the Land Registry. All the taxes accrued from the operation will be assumed by the buyer, except for the Municipal Capital Gains Tax, which will be assumed by the seller.


Once the bare ownership of the property is sold, the usufructuary will no longer be liable to pay the Real Estate Tax, the Community fees and the buildings insurance. He will only be responsable for the ordinary fees for the community and the bills for the supplies (water, electricity, rubbish collecton etc).



It has all the legal guarantees, all transactions are formally completed before a Public Notary and registered with the Land Registry.


The operation can be completed by more than one party (eg. spouses) as long as they have joint ownership of the property.


The usufruct holder has the right to rent the property or sell the usufruct.



If the operation is carried out on a property declared as a habitual residence, the usufruct holder is exempt from paying taxes for the increase of the patrimony in the IRPF.

Steps to follow to sell the bare ownership of the property



Preferably person(s) aged 65 years +

A homeowner

    The process

    1. We meet with the interested party to find out preferences and specific needs.

    2. We internally analyze each case individually and present several payment proposals.

    3. We look for an investor interested in purchasing the house according to the previously agreed terms.

    4. The transaction is completed before a Public Notary and registered with the Land Registry.

    In addition, after the agreement is signed, the sellers have the assistance and support of the Mas Vida team for the duration of the process. We act as a direct link for any questions or situations that may arise between the buyer and seller.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ¿Cuántas personas pueden contratar el producto para la misma casa?

    Una o dos personas, siempre que éstas sean las propietarias de la casa.

    ¿Quién adquiere la Nuda Propiedad de tu casa?

    Un inversor con dilatada experiencia y elevado nivel de especialización en el mercado inmobiliario español. En Mas Vida trabajamos con los mejores profesionales del sector.

    ¿Cuándo recibes el Pago Único?

    En el momento de formalizar el producto ante notario.

    ¿Puedes utilizar el Pago Único recibido para cancelar tu hipoteca?

    Sí, la cantidad que recibas en concepto de Pago Único la puedes destinar a los fines que tú decidas.

    ¿Necesitas vivir en la casa después de formalizar el producto?

    No, independientemente de donde vivas seguirás manteniendo el Derecho de Uso y Disfrute sobre la misma.

    ¿Puedes alquilar la casa?

    Sí, esto te permite obtener una renta todos los meses. En Mas Vida nos encargamos de buscar a un inquilino y de gestionar el alquiler para que no te tengas que preocupar por nada.

    Y si tienes que reparar las ventanas de la casa o cambiar la nevera… ¿Quién asume estos gastos?

    Este tipo de gastos los sigue asumiendo el usuario, ya que los únicos gastos de mantenimiento de la casa que se traspasan al inversor son el Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles, las derramas extraordinarias y el seguro de la vivienda.

    Regulación del producto

    El Pago Único (traspaso de la Nuda Propiedad) está regulado en el Código Civil de España en los artículos 467 y 469.

    El “Pleno Dominio”

    La Plena Propiedad sobre una casa está compuesta por 2 derechos:

    • Nuda propiedad
    • Usufructo

    En Mas Vida traspasamos el Derecho de Nuda Propiedad de tu casa, mientras sigues manteniendo el Derecho de Uso y Disfrute sobre la misma para toda la vida.

    How much money is received?

    AtMas Vidawe consider the following factors to determine the lump sum payment to be made to the usufructuary:

    • Market value of the house
    • Rental value of the house
    • Gender and age of owner

    If you are interested in having us carry out a study on the sale of your bare property we need you to send us the following information to our e-mail address info@aunmasvida.es:

    • Personal information of the interested party (copy of NIF, NIE or Passport).
    • Documentation of the house (exact address of the property and the last receipt of the Real Estate Tax).
    • Contact telephone number.
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