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Equity Release for Ex-Pats in Spain

With Equity Release you can:

  • Receive a tax efficient lump sum
  • Complement your pension
  • Remain living in your family home

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Process is different in Spain to the UK

  • “Lifetime” or “Reverse” mortgages (the way it is done in the UK) are very rare here – almost impossible to get.
  • Here you sell your house to an Investor who we will source for you.
  • You get a lump sum on day 1 of typically between 50% and 60% of its market value.
  • You also get a legally cast-iron guarantee that you can live in the property until you die or go in to permanent Spanish Healthcare.
  • This uses a decades old Spanish law called the “Usufruct” which your lawyer will be aware of.
  • Whole process is done under Spanish law and completed at a public Notary.
  • Zero fees up-front. You pay our fee when you get your money.

    Pros of Equity Release

    Tax Free Money

    Money available, usually tax free, as soon as the deal is completed at the Notary.

    Property Costs

    No rent to pay. No ongoing interest to be added.

    Start Your Retirement Today

    Your lifestyle does not need to change. Only your bank balance.


    Keep Living in Your Home

    You keep the house that you have invested time and emotion in to for the rest of your days.

    Heirs and Taxes

    Heirs do not need to find Inheritance taxes, up-front, before they inherit!


    Government cannot sell your house to pay for your health care.

    Cons of Equity Release


    Important Decision

    We always recommend that you discuss this with any potential heirs – we do not want to cause family issues for you.

    You don't own the Freehold

    You no longer “own” the property – you only “own” the rights to use it

    Sale with Discount

    You sell at a discount  – outright sale would bring you more money but then you would need to source another, possibly inferior property, or rent one. Even a modest rent of €500 per month is €60.000 over 10 years.


      1. This is not a financial transaction. It is a lifestyle choice.


    1. Do your research:
      • Talk to your lawyer
      • Google “Usufructo” etc, etc,
      • Get things really straight in your minds how you want to spend your “twilight years
    2. Take your time
      • This is a massive decision for you to make
      • Probably your biggest remaining asset
      • Probably your last big financial decision